Backend Engineer 🧰 Node | GraphQL | Experience: 5+ years | 100% Remote

Nira, Software development

1 person (remote)




What You’ll Do

* Architecture design, API design, data modeling.

* New features and iterating existing features.

* Primary focus on app backend, GraphQL, authentication, and databases

* Code standards, code reviews, technical planning/research, testing/QA.

* Investigate and resolve bugs/customer issues.

* Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning of projects.

Who We’re Looking For

* You’ve got 5 years of experience with: AWS, Apollo, GraphQL, NodeJS, Postgres, TypeScript

* You have high accountability and ownership of your work.

* You have a bias towards action. You love to move fast, are self-motivated, and a life-long learner.

* You care about working on fast-growing products while iterating and sweating the details.

* You’re willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means working outside of your role (frontend help backend, handle customer support, etc).

* You’re able to effectively balance speed/quality/tech debt and make engineering decisions that enable speed and quality results.

* You’re a product thinker who cares about the customer.


Our mission is to make collaboration safe and secure for everyone.

The sheer volume of company information that’s spread across countless cloud applications makes it more challenging than ever to keep information safe and secure.

That’s why we built Nira.

The real-time access control system is built from the ground up to help businesses protect company information from unauthorized access through complete visibility, management, and control.

Nira started as a 100% remote team and we’re spread across the globe, including Australia, Canada, Dubai, Europe, India, New Zealand and the United States. As a company, we embody four key principles:

* Customers come first - Obsess over customer needs. Think like a customer. Maximize customer value.

* Show up - Be present. Care deeply about the work. Take initiative and be an owner.

* Be decisive - Make smart decisions. Aim for speed. Deliver results.

* Learn, teach, and coach - Improve yourself. Empower others. Succeed as a team.

We live our principles day in and day out. Our founders shared Nira 1.0 with a group of IT professionals on a Shark Tank like show called SOLVETank. Watch the video [] to see our product in action and how our customers react to it.

As a fully remote engineering team, here is a little bit about how we work and communicate:

* Slack and Google Meet for synchronous communication

* Message boards and Google Docs for asynchronous communication

* GitHub Issues to manage projects

* One all-hands engineering meeting each week, two project standup meetings each week