Engineering Manager (f/m/x)

Cosuno, Software development

1 person (remote), Location: Germany




What you will be working on

As an Engineering Manager, you will independently lead an autonomous team of Full Stack Developers in our company and thereby help us maintain our high quality standards in product and engineering.

You will work on the following challenges:

* Give guidance and mentor engineers on the technical implementation of new features

* Track and optimize the engineering velocity of your team and identify potential bottlenecks and roadblocks

* Establish and maintain guidelines and best practices for engineering topics such as data modeling, service architecture, component structure, tooling, and others

* Plan and implement the technical roadmap of your team, in close collaboration with our CTO

* Align goals and facilitate communication between the Product, Design, and Engineering teams

* Perform organizational leadership tasks such as one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, and interviews

Our technology stack is based on React and Node.js. We utilize TypeScript for the entire codebase to improve code quality and reliability. Our API uses GraphQL and is based on Apollo Server. For data storage, we use relational databases and we handle search queries with Elasticsearch. To maintain a high degree of stability, we write comprehensive end-to-end tests using Cypress in addition to unit tests. Our infrastructure is based on AWS and Kubernetes. We have a well-functioning CI/CD pipeline and deploy to production multiple times a day.

Qualities we look for

* At least 5 years of hands-on software engineering experience

* Broad knowledge of programming, design patterns, and abstract engineering principles

* Substantial experience working with TypeScript, React, and Node.js

* Leadership skills, and ideally previous leadership experience

* Eagerness to learn about new technologies and tackle unfamiliar problems

* Experience in agile product teams as a contributor

* Startup mindset and pragmatic, hands-on attitude

* Fluency in English and good communication skills

What we offer

* Opportunity to shape a valuable, impactful product in a meaningful way

* Full ownership over your responsibilities and tasks

* Fully remote team spread across Europe

* Casual startup environment with no bureaucracy and no complex processes

* Competitive compensation

* Flexible working hours and working from home policy

* Hardware of your choice (e.g. Macbook Pro)


Cosuno is an early-stage startup with a mission to re-invent construction software. Our SaaS solution helps construction companies find subcontractors, send out requests for proposal, and manage the pre-construction bidding process more productively. With our solution, construction professionals have greater visibility into their purchasing processes and become more efficient in their daily work.

Cosuno is a product-centric company as our success is a direct result of the quality and reliability of our solution. Therefore, we believe in maintaining a strong engineering culture where talented individuals have the freedom to express themselves in the product features they design and build.

Finally, we are backed by excellent investors and maintain an extensive network of partners in the construction industry, both of which help us sustain our growth.