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Fullstack Developer Javascript | Remote (Freelance)

As a Fullstack Developer Javascript / Java - Freelancer at Mercateo, you will be part of a remote and global team that is already living tomorrow's working world today. We are convinced that professionalism and good teamwork do not need co-location or borders.

What you'll do:

* You develop application frontends with your team using modern JavaScript frameworks.

* You think and work beyond the frontend and help shape our backend systems in Java.

* You are a sparring partner for our designers and usability experts * and get involved in the design.

* You show our backend specialists what they need to know about modern frontends.

What you'll definitely need:

* You already have experience building web applications with JavaScript, have a good understanding of Java, and are comfortable with terms like REST and HATEOAS.

* You can bring other team members along to build the front end to new or existing applications together.

* You rely on a modern tool chain from development and testing to automated builds, deployments and monitoring.

* You are open and curious to move in the complete technology stack (full stack) and to develop this further with your colleagues.

What you can expect from us:

* High degree of creative freedom in a committed, fast-paced technological environment.

* Development of an exciting business model thanks to a modern technological landscape.

* An agile software company with flat hierarchies and open communication.

* A cool team where you can learn from each other and be able to contribute your own strengths.

* We encourage you to dedicate 10% of your working time to your professional development.

We are interested in long-term collaboration and that Mercateo is not just "one project" among others for you.

If you are moreover burning for modern and functional web frontends, love JavaScript and new challenges, we are the perfect fit for you!

Mercateo Group

As an operator of B2B platforms, the Mercateo Group provides an infrastructure enabling companies to efficiently carry out their transactions and business relationships through digital networking.

The Mercateo Group includes the B2B network unite.eu [https://unite.eu/en_GB] and the B2B procurement platform mercateo.com [http://www.mercateo.co.uk/] . In addition to Germany, the group is represented in Europe by 13 other national companies and employs over 600 people. Since its foundation in 2000, the entire company has expanded continuously and profitably, achieving sales of € 343 million in 2020.

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