One of the biggest names in telecommunications is looking for a DevOps Engineer

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One of the biggest names in the field of telecommunications has joined Pentalog in a partnership, for the purpose of finding professionals who can assist with achieving the company’s mission.

This supplier of technology, communications, information and entertainment products is working on becoming no. 1 worldwide, as the company transforms the way people, businesses, and things connect. While powering one of the fastest and most reliable networks in America, it is also leading the way when it comes to broadband, IoT, cloud, and security solutions.

The open position is for a DevOps Engineer; the ideal candidate will be an expert who could effectively manage their platform. Essentially, this role requires a hands-on person, who can help manage the tools.

Job requirements

* An expert DevOps Engineer, with great Kubernetes know-how;

* Experience with VMware (containerization and management);

* Great know-how regarding DPDM - infrastructure (for fast transfer rates);

* Previous experience of working in an agile environment;

* Ability to approach problems with a sense of ownership, enthusiasm, and innovation;

* Good communication and English language skills.


Fair human resources management

Pentalog’s human resources management policy, together with its CSR practices [https://www.pentalog.com/company/csr-corporate-social-responsability.htm] create a real competitive edge in employer branding and result in high retention rates.

At Pentalog, people come first. We care about our employees, their well-being at work, and their professional evolution. We help them fully achieve their potential, whatever their profiles.

Our global HR management practices comprise the following principles:

* high salary policy, including performance bonuses and private medical insurance;

* company capital open to employee participation; free shares are regularly granted to high performing employees;

* transparency in regards to company strategy, stakes, risks, etc.;

* proactive in-service training policy. [https://www.pentalog.com/hr-careers/training-policy.htm]

Building skills and careers

We have built up a talent pool of over 1200 people, with a wide arrange of technical skills, a solid business sense and a strong background in methodology.

Most of them speak several foreign languages [https://www.pentalog.com/hr-careers/working-languages.htm] and have experience working in multicultural environments.

We believe that a “never stop learning” approach is the best way to ensure continuous quality self-improvement and client satisfaction. It is also a key factor to remaining a leading figure in a highly competitive market.

Therefore, we promote continuous learning, self-training, and knowledge-sharing initiatives [https://www.pentalog.com/hr-careers/training-policy.htm].

Pentalog’s management fosters a strategic mindset in its employees and stresses the importance of global communication to ensure client proximity at all times.

All employees remain up-to-date with the most innovative tools and practices and are encouraged to interact and share ideas to create an atmosphere of constant innovation inside the company.

This contributes to fast personal development and career evolution.

Pentalog people can thus quickly transition into management positions.

In a Nutshell: Why join Pentalog?

* stability and growth, in a reliable organization (see our company figures [https://www.pentalog.com/facts-figures/]);

* interesting and diverse projects (see our success stories [https://www.pentalog.com/success-stories]);

* international vision with global opportunities;

* commitment to high-quality service delivery;

* employee welfare;

* personal development and training programs; [https://www.pentalog.com/hr-careers/training-policy.htm]

* team spirit & fun!