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At OpenUnited, we are creating a new platform and innovative model that helps digital talent around the world to develop skills, and to have long-term paying digital work whilst ensuring the sustainability of the open source ecosystem.

We are now live in our beta phase whereby the platform is live at [] and we have made our code repositories public at: []

Help us build the future of digital work at OpenUnited.

🐝 Getting Started

1) Join our discord server: [] 💬

2) Register at [] and create your profile 👤

3) Fork our repos on GitHub [] 👩‍💻

4) Get OpenUnited running on your development machine (see the README in the repo []) 💻

5) Claim and complete a task on OpenUnited [] When you are done with the task, issue a pull request and (IMPORTANT) make sure you complete the steps in OpenUnited to have this added to your portfolio. 🚀

After you have collected 50 non-liquid points by working on tasks on Open Products like OpenUnited itself ( []), you are eligible to claim tasks with liquid points that are convertible into payment.

🙋‍♀️ Questions?

Here are our FAQs []


OpenUnited is a platform that connects digital talent and work in a unique way. Specific skills are proven on high-quality open source products, and once work is verified, these talented contributors are eligible to claim paid tasks.

The ecosystem dynamics mean that the sustainability of the open source ecosystem is supported, when work on commercial products is completed through OpenUnited.