Remote Software Engineer (Node.js) - Electriphi - EV Fleet & Energy Management

Electriphi, Software development

1 person (remote)




Tech stack: Node.js (focus), JavaScript/TypeScript, AWS (Lambda, IoT Core, Greengrass), Kubernetes, Terraform

Location: Remote anywhere in the US

As a Software Engineer at Electriphi, you will be part of the team that is responsible for building and scaling our award-winning solution for public and private electric vehicle fleets. We are an agile and tight-knit team that is building complex, breakthrough solutions and aggressively leading the charge in fleet and energy management solutions. This role will be on the Telematics team, where you will be building cutting-edge solutions for fleets of vehicles across the globe.

Electriphi was acquired [] last month by Ford Motor Company, however we are still very much operating as our own independent company in many ways.

What you will be doing:

* Design and develop software for the next generation of Electriphi's Telematics platform

* Design and implement continuous integration and deployment processes

* Contribute well structured, testable, efficient, and maintainable code

* Provide technical architectural direction, and lead the design and implementation of technical vision

* Collaborate with other Engineers, as well as Product Management, Design, and QA

* Develop functional prototypes that illustrate feature concepts quickly

* Implement real-time and streaming data services

* Deliver high value and visible features


* 5+ years of professional engineering experience

* Experience building & deploying cloud architecture

* Foundational understanding of CI/CD pipelines, test automation, multi-variant testing

* Experience developing distributed systems and scalable real-time applications

* Excellent programming skills in Node (preferred), Python, Go or Ruby

* Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Bonus points for:

* Experience with Typescript

* Experience managing edge devices

* Experience scaling applications across multiple platforms and regions

* Experience with AWS technologies like Lambda, IoT Core, Greengrass


We're on the cusp of the biggest energy transition in history: from oil to electrons.This transition is disrupting the entire value chain, from how energy is produced to distributed, to consumed. The themes that tie all of this together are software, data and insights.