Senior Software Engineer (C#)

Fortelinea Software System, Inc, Software development

1 person (remote)




Your Day

We loosely follow the agile process, having stand-ups every morning, working together to prioritize tasks, customer needs and personal goals. Whether you decide to do pairs programming for the day or bury your head in an algorithm, work from home or from the office, we value your independence and encourage self-motivation.

Your work may include adding new features to WPF desktop applications or ASP.NET Core web portals, writing SQL scripts, improving our REST API, developing customer reports, and interacting or troubleshooting with customers. At Fortelinea, we prize individual creativity and code ownership.

Your Skills

Candidates should have at least five years of experience, a CS or relevant degree, be passionate about their work, willing to invest extra time to learn new tools, and be an open and effective communicator.

Team members should be well versed across disciplines. You should be comfortable writing a static extension method in C#, know when to use a git pull --rebase (and what it does), and how to use a Case statement in an SQL query. You should know how to ssh into a Linux box using a key you generated, understand what benefits a Razor Page has over MVC, and how to use a jwt token with Postman.

Fortelinea Software System, Inc

Fortelinea Software Systems (established in 2012) is a small software company focused on providing sophisticated and easy-to-use enterprise software for the medical industry. We are the first company to develop tracking and management software for the tissue lab research market. We have placed our software at world-renowned research centers and Fortune Global 500 pharmaceutical companies. We have cultivated partnerships with industry leaders, and have a pipeline of pharmaceutical and research clients stretching beyond 2021.

We offer generous holiday and vacation, full health care, 401k, and reimburse for internet and cell.